Who is The Desi Pinup?

68864772_369874307242256_5061847287387389952_n.jpgAbout the Blog

The Desi Pinup is a blog run by Perth based Theatre-maker, Comedienne, and Vintage enthusiast Doreshawar “Iskra” Khan. A deep admiration of Mid century architecture, design and cinema led Khan down a stylistic rabbit warren at 19 and has, over the years, influenced her art and personal style.

The Desi Pinup blog is a curation of all of Khan’s weird and wonderful vintage obsessions and the spaces they occupy in her modern world. By no means a proponent of Golden Age Syndrome, Khan balances her love for Mid century aesthetic with necessary critique of Mid century social norms, the unjust systems they enabled and their hand in the continual oppression and marginalization of Queer and PoC folx globally.

Vintage Aesthetic NOT Vintage Values

About the Blogger

Doreshawar “Iskra” Khan is a Pakistani Australian woman living on Nyoongar Boodja. She identifies as a Queer Feminist of Colour and her writing explores themes of identity and belonging in modern Australia. She is a founding member of Third Culture Kids, a multicultural/multilingual Theatre Collective. Khan graduated from Edith Cowan University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Criminology and Justice. Khan views History through the lens of theatre and sees it as a form of modern storytelling. She is interested in how historical narratives are woven, in specific, how certain narratives “make the cut” to become part of World History while others are sidelined, silenced or forgotten.

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