Pinup Capsule Wardrobe: Office wear

Capsule wardrobes were all the rage last year with a number of fashionistas doing mini challenges. While I am not about to part with my extensive wardrobe and become a minimalist any time soon, the concept of putting together a pinup capsule wardrobe did present an interesting opportunity to take inventory of items I own and create a lookbook for days where I simply cannot be bothered putting an outfit together on the spot.

When Life gives you Lemons

Its been a cold and bitter winter this year on many counts. Global and personal happenings made me want to stay in my pyjamas and never set foot outside my home again. When the soul is shaken, familiarity is comforting. And as the months rolled on, I pondered longer and harder about how to cope with the negative energy floating outside my safe cocoon. Mostly I was (and still am) confused as to how I am to unravel the complex emotions tangled in the pit of my belly. So earlier this week, in an attempt to cheer myself up, I went shopping at my beloved Dangerfield in Ennex 100. If nothing else I would see a bunch of my favourite people in a shop full of pretty things with a nice coffee in my hand.

Friendship in the Time of Facebook

Originally touted as a social platform intended to connect and reconnect people with one another, I cannot help but feel that Facebook is somewhat responsible for the decay of meaningful social interaction. Today, I discuss my need to bid adieu to social media platforms and how disconnection has allowed me to reconnect with my friends.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Kenjai

“I used to see my race as a liability rather than an asset but then I realised that change had to start with me“. – Kenjai, Miss Illustrated Pinup Australia 2014 She is the National and State title holder for the Illustrated category of Miss Pin Up Australia 2014, an internationally published pinup and oneContinue reading “Woman Crush Wednesday: Kenjai”