Who can submit to Rad Brown Moms?

If you identify as a person of color you are welcome to submit to Rad Brown Moms.

What can I submit?

While the initial tumblr project was focused on photography, I am happy to publish any and all forms of media celebrating your Rad Brown Mom. This includes but isnt limited to poetry, prose, art, collages, videos, interviews etc. If you are submitting photos, please put your name (or alias) and any other credits as the image description. I would also encourage you to write a short para about the photo or why you chose to submit it!

Any word limits?

I want to say no but maybe no more than 1,500 words. However, if you really want, just send me a message!

Just Moms though?

Rad Brown Moms is a space to celebrate the women who had a hand in making you the wonderful, strong, amazing human being you are today. This means you can submit photos of your Rad Brown Aunties, Rad Brown Grandmas, Rad Brown Babysitter, Your Rad Brown Sibling who may be a Rad Brown Mom herself, A Rad Brown Community elder and so on.

Do they have to be Rad?

I know from experience that our relationships with our parents/grandparents/aunties etc aren’t always the thing of fairytales. Depending on the submission content, I am more than happy to share your story.

What about Rad Brown Dads?

Check out my friend Apollo Ali Akbar’s page Rad Brown Dads!

So, how do I do this?

Email your submission to me with the subject line “RBM Submisson” to  thedesipinup(at)gmail(dot)com. Alternatively, you can also tag me in your instagram posts (I am @thedesipinup). I am very keen to meet your Rad Brown Mom!





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