Miss Dodo Divine’s Rad Brown Mom

This is my mum Donna. She is part Maori and now retired. She has had some major health issues in the last few years but has always been supportive of me and always full of great advice. She’s now taking the time to look after herself and I’m so happy for her. She is definitely a rad brown mum!

-Miss Dodo Divine, via instagram

Sheela’s Rad Brown Mom


Top Photo: My mom (the taller, older one) and aunt at Niagra Falls in the 70s. My grandparents, mom, and aunt moved to Pennsylvania in the 70s from Aligarh.

Sheela 2.png

Bottom Photo: Years later, Christmas in Erie, PA after my uncle was born.

“I was taking a train between Delhi and Calcutta for work, and while watching the Uttar Pradesh countryside, I couldn’t be more appreciative of my grandfather’s decision to move away from his family to pursue higher education at Penn State. Because of that choice, my mother and aunt were raised in an environment to enable their HBIC personalities, and in turn, mine.”

– Sheela Lal, Via Tumblr

Caroline’s Rad Brown Grandma

Caroline Ridler.jpg

This is my rad brown nanna. Look at her skirt! The lady was a midwife/nurse, she hid brown babies from the missionaries, treated people for free during the partition and went through a heap of struggle to get my family to Australia. We both like reading and not wearing shoes in places we really ought to be wearing shoes.
-Caroline via Tumblr