Mad about Christmas

It’s no secret that I have a thing for period dramas. My obsession started when I watched Sense and Sensibility with my mother as a child. I instantly fell in love with the ability of period films to provide me with a window into the world that once was. To date, I think I have watched just about every single period drama or movie that has been uploaded to Netflix. Some were downright terrible, lacking proper costuming and hairstyling (looking at YOU “The Notebook) and some like Boardwalk Empire remain strong favourites of mine. One show that I have watched multiple times since its finale is AMC’s Mad Men.  I am yet to find a period drama as well thought out and riveting as this show (minus the poor representation of PoC in the storylines, but I digress).

Oh Mary Jane: A Shoe Review

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. And if not the world then she can at least conquer the walk home after work, the dance floor at the office christmas party and the catwalk at pinup comps at this summer’s vintage car shows. Today’s review is of the Mary Jane Criss Cross kitten heels from the Pinup Couture label stocked by Cherry Pinup Shoes. Click the blog title to read more!

When Life gives you Lemons

Its been a cold and bitter winter this year on many counts. Global and personal happenings made me want to stay in my pyjamas and never set foot outside my home again. When the soul is shaken, familiarity is comforting. And as the months rolled on, I pondered longer and harder about how to cope with the negative energy floating outside my safe cocoon. Mostly I was (and still am) confused as to how I am to unravel the complex emotions tangled in the pit of my belly. So earlier this week, in an attempt to cheer myself up, I went shopping at my beloved Dangerfield in Ennex 100. If nothing else I would see a bunch of my favourite people in a shop full of pretty things with a nice coffee in my hand.

The Mother of All Rants

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like your life was an episode of a TV series? Perhaps after months of looking for work and a new place to live, you got offered your dream job AND landed a new apartment only a block away from it. Maybe you found yourself stranded without an umbrella during a torrential downpour and the good looking person you spied on the tram with was walking home the same way as you with an umbrella big enough for two. Perhaps your Tindr date (the first since “the breakup”) made everything move in slow motion as they entered the bar.  We have all had a day or even a moment that has played out in a manner making us wonder whether we were an extra in a candid camera show. The combination of internal dialogue, personal happenings and world events aligning for a brief spell can sometime make it seem like the gnarled hands of fate are pointing us or shoving us in a particular direction. The happier of these alignments are referred to as serendipity. The shadow self of this is the alignment of unpleasant coincidences. Google tells me a chap called William Boyd termed this phenomenon zamblanity. Considering the events of the last few days, I am grateful there is a word for what I am experiencing.