Pinup Capsule Wardrobe: Office wear

Capsule wardrobes were all the rage last year with a number of fashionistas doing mini challenges. While I am not about to part with my extensive wardrobe and become a minimalist any time soon, the concept of putting together a pinup capsule wardrobe did present an interesting opportunity to take inventory of items I own and create a lookbook for days where I simply cannot be bothered putting an outfit together on the spot.

1950s Day Wear Pt 1: Pants

The image of women wearing full skirts with fitted waists is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the fifties in fashion. The end of WW2 and subsequently the war time rationing meant that the sensible and minimalist looks of the 40s were soon replaced with more elaborate designs, luxury fabricsContinue reading “1950s Day Wear Pt 1: Pants”

Know Your Vintage: How to avoid being taken for a ride.

If you are new to the world of vintage dress shopping, one of the most heartbreaking lessons you will learn is not to automatically trust sellers who proclaim to be selling “The real deal”. I recall spending a small fortune on what i thought was a stunning 40s house dress on ebay, only to findContinue reading “Know Your Vintage: How to avoid being taken for a ride.”