Woman Crush Wednesday: Bonnie Lee

Woman Crush Wednesday: Bonnie Lee I want to squash the biased beliefs that people place on us and possibly open more people up to the idea of trying to get to know the REAL aboriginal culture and our people. It’s a beautiful culture, and so loving and caring, people just aren’t receptive or as understandingContinue reading “Woman Crush Wednesday: Bonnie Lee”

1950s Day Wear Pt 1: Pants

The image of women wearing full skirts with fitted waists is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the fifties in fashion. The end of WW2 and subsequently the war time rationing meant that the sensible and minimalist looks of the 40s were soon replaced with more elaborate designs, luxury fabricsContinue reading “1950s Day Wear Pt 1: Pants”

Woman Crush Wednesday: Miss Veronica Lily

“When you take time to love yourself, you don’t need to rely on other people to fill your soul” – Miss Veronica Lily I have the good fortune of competing alongside Miss Veronica Lily in the Miss Illustrated Category of this year’s Miss Pinup Australia Contest. She is a vivacious and bubbly individual whose zestContinue reading “Woman Crush Wednesday: Miss Veronica Lily”

What’s On This Weekend: Permanence

You may remember my post earlier last week regarding a tattoo event called Permanence. You might have wondered to yourself what it was all about. My simple answer would be “nothing you have ever experienced in Perth before”!   Studio 2 and Naomi Craigs (a leading Perth photographer and all round babe) have joined forcesContinue reading “What’s On This Weekend: Permanence”

Trad is Rad: I got you under my skin

I got my first tattoo at 18, all wide eyed and excited about the permanence of my new body mod. It was a relatively simple design in between my shoulder blades, easily hidden by a singlet and unimpressive at best. Safe. Boring. The dream catcher/infinity symbol of its time. For years people didnt even knowContinue reading “Trad is Rad: I got you under my skin”