5 Questions your tattooer is tired of answering.

Living with a tattooer partner and working in a busy custom tattoo shop as a receptionist has exposed me to the not so glamorous side of tattooing. While I can say that 98 customers out of a 100 are a treat to deal with, there’s always those 2 clients that leave me snapping pencils as I smile through clenched teeth trying to explain basic Tattoo shop etiquette. Here is the first part of what I think will end up as a series of rants. Click the title to read the Top 5 questions tattooers are tired of answering.

What’s On This Weekend: Permanence

You may remember my post earlier last week regarding a tattoo event called Permanence. You might have wondered to yourself what it was all about. My simple answer would be “nothing you have ever experienced in Perth before”!   Studio 2 and Naomi Craigs (a leading Perth photographer and all round babe) have joined forcesContinue reading “What’s On This Weekend: Permanence”

Trad is Rad: I got you under my skin

I got my first tattoo at 18, all wide eyed and excited about the permanence of my new body mod. It was a relatively simple design in between my shoulder blades, easily hidden by a singlet and unimpressive at best. Safe. Boring. The dream catcher/infinity symbol of its time. For years people didnt even knowContinue reading “Trad is Rad: I got you under my skin”