Friendship in the Time of Facebook

Originally touted as a social platform intended to connect and reconnect people with one another, I cannot help but feel that Facebook is somewhat responsible for the decay of meaningful social interaction. Today, I discuss my need to bid adieu to social media platforms and how disconnection has allowed me to reconnect with my friends.

Monday Mantra: Fear of Failure

Every too often I find myself in a situation where I am too scared to commit to something because I am afraid I will fail at it. In today’s high paced world of insta success stories, what do you do if the fear of failure keeps you from even trying? Here is a little inspirational piece I wrote this time last year during my Miss Pinup Australia journey to keep me going. I hope it helps you too!

A New Hope: My Best Friend, Bipolar Disorder

​ Hi. I am Laila. I am 29 years old. I have survived a military coup in my birth country, the raid of Afghanistan during the War on Terror and living as a Muslim woman in post 9/11 Australia. I have been published multiple times, produced Burlesque Shows in Perth in the mid 2000s, been in aContinue reading “A New Hope: My Best Friend, Bipolar Disorder”

The C word: How Laila managed to survive the Holiday season.

2 more sleeps and it will finally be here. That C word. CHRISTMAS! The silly season is well and truly upon us and everywhere you go you are bombarded with sales, specials, and discounts. Slogans reminding you not to disappoint “her”, not to forget Grandma Mabel, not to forget your boss, your therapist and WhiskersContinue reading “The C word: How Laila managed to survive the Holiday season.”