No Ifs, Just Butts: An interview with Miss Jane Doe of Baby Got Back

Every now and then I have the opportunity to experience art that serves the dual purpose of education and entertainment. Baby Got Back is one of these shows. After 2 sold out seasons, the girls are back with a vengeance and nothing is off limit!. In this very special interview I chat to Miss Jane Doe about feminism, art as protest and all things butts!

Fringe Binge: Lola’s showgirl smear campaign

​Once upon a time in 2011 when I still went by the stage name Iskra Valentine, the burlesque beauty with the Bollywood booty, I had the privilege of being invited to judge Miss Burlesque WA. It was then that I first laid my eyes on her:   Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl.Continue reading “Fringe Binge: Lola’s showgirl smear campaign”

Fringe Binge: A night at the Musicals

I will preface my post with an admission that might shock my readership. I, Laila shalimar, one time burlesque performer, lover of all things glittery, purveyor of sparkly and kitsch, do not enjoy Musicals. Not. At. All How bizarre, you must be wondering, for a girl from the land of Bollywood where every movie isContinue reading “Fringe Binge: A night at the Musicals”

Fringe Binge: Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

  Last night I had the immense pleasure of furthering my erotic education at Fringeworld by attending Erotic Intelligence for Dummies at the Gelo Piazza Hut. Much like the clitoris, the Gelo Piazza hut is a little pleasure centre on James street, tucked away behind the giant screen in the Northbridge Piazza. It was hardContinue reading “Fringe Binge: Erotic Intelligence for Dummies”

Babes in Business: Sam from Deluxe Creations.

I first started purchasing my accessories from Deluxe Creations in mid 2015. There was just something about the kitschy cute designs and midcentury feel to the materials that captured my heart. The fact that they were handmade by a Perth local was an extra bonus. The gradual economic downturn in Western Australia since 2013 hasContinue reading “Babes in Business: Sam from Deluxe Creations.”