Mad about Christmas

It’s no secret that I have a thing for period dramas. My obsession started when I watched Sense and Sensibility with my mother as a child. I instantly fell in love with the ability of period films to provide me with a window into the world that once was. To date, I think I have watched just about every single period drama or movie that has been uploaded to Netflix. Some were downright terrible, lacking proper costuming and hairstyling (looking at YOU “The Notebook) and some like Boardwalk Empire remain strong favourites of mine. One show that I have watched multiple times since its finale is AMC’s Mad Men.  I am yet to find a period drama as well thought out and riveting as this show (minus the poor representation of PoC in the storylines, but I digress).

Oh Mary Jane: A Shoe Review

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. And if not the world then she can at least conquer the walk home after work, the dance floor at the office christmas party and the catwalk at pinup comps at this summer’s vintage car shows. Today’s review is of the Mary Jane Criss Cross kitten heels from the Pinup Couture label stocked by Cherry Pinup Shoes. Click the blog title to read more!

Babes in Business: Sam from Deluxe Creations.

I first started purchasing my accessories from Deluxe Creations in mid 2015. There was just something about the kitschy cute designs and midcentury feel to the materials that captured my heart. The fact that they were handmade by a Perth local was an extra bonus. The gradual economic downturn in Western Australia since 2013 hasContinue reading “Babes in Business: Sam from Deluxe Creations.”