Unwrapping the Plastic: Laura and trauma 25 years later.

Heavy Trigger warnings for discussions of violence, sexual assault and incest. Spoiler alert for Twin Peaks: The return.

A New Hope: My Best Friend, Bipolar Disorder

​ Hi. I am Laila. I am 29 years old. I have survived a military coup in my birth country, the raid of Afghanistan during the War on Terror and living as a Muslim woman in post 9/11 Australia. I have been published multiple times, produced Burlesque Shows in Perth in the mid 2000s, been in aContinue reading “A New Hope: My Best Friend, Bipolar Disorder”

Sticks and stones: Of words that broke my spirit

Its nearly noon on a Friday as I type this to you dear reader. I do so half hesitantly and part defiantly. And i do so fully aware of the mixed reaction this post will bring forth. At this point I really don’t care anymore. I have lived with the consequences of my silence forContinue reading “Sticks and stones: Of words that broke my spirit”