My Top 5 Gift Wrap Ideas

With less than a week to Christmas, its time to start wrapping those presents. I can hear a lot of BAH HUMBUGS being muttered all round just reading this but dont fret! Here are some cute, quirky, inexpensive and quick ways to get those presents wrapped before you can say “Sugar Plum”! Click the title to read the full post.

Orange is the New Black: Carrot and Orange soup

Fresh off the plane from chilly Melbourne, all i could think of was rugging up in my teddy bear onesie with a big bowl of soup and marathoning Orange is the New Black. So here I am at 8pm with said bowl of soup in my lap about to start season 3. I have toContinue reading “Orange is the New Black: Carrot and Orange soup”

Winter Warmer: Simple and Sensible Plum Jam

The colder weather has finally arrived in Perth and I am enjoying a break from all my theatre duties. Inspired by a recent breakfast at a well known Polish cafe in the northern suburbs i decided to try my hand at jam making and I am pleased to report that my first attempt was highlyContinue reading “Winter Warmer: Simple and Sensible Plum Jam”