5 Best Betty Draper Hair Tutorials.

I am currently re-watching Mad Men for the 5th time and I have to say, this show gets better and better with each rewatch. Once you know how each character’s story arc is going to pan out, you are left to take in their characters themselves. While sassy secretary Joan was my favourite the first time round, this rewatch has resulted in a deeper appreciation for the aesthetics of the happy homemaker herself-Betty Draper. Betty, played by January Jones, is perhaps the most versatile of all the Mad Men ladies when it comes to her hair styling and apart from that one awful episode where she dyes her hair black, there is hardly a look she is unable to carry. Who doesn’t want to look polished and collected at every tumultuous turn? After trawling through my pinterest boards I have managed to compile a how-to for some of my favourite Betty Draper Francis hair moments. So, grab your rollers, setting spray and make yourself an oldfashioned as I walk you through my top 5 favourite Betty Draper looks with setting instructions!

Hair How To: The Sweet Heart.

Yesterday i decided to try my hand at coming up with my own setting pattern for my freshly trimmed hair. I am extremely inspired by the fashion and style of an instagrammer called @mrs_california_sweetheart. She is perhaps one of the most elegant and beautiful women i have ever laid my eyes on this side ofContinue reading “Hair How To: The Sweet Heart.”