Fringe Binge: A night at the Musicals

I will preface my post with an admission that might shock my readership. I, Laila shalimar, one time burlesque performer, lover of all things glittery, purveyor of sparkly and kitsch, do not enjoy Musicals. Not. At. All How bizarre, you must be wondering, for a girl from the land of Bollywood where every movie isContinue reading “Fringe Binge: A night at the Musicals”

Fringe Binge: Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

  Last night I had the immense pleasure of furthering my erotic education at Fringeworld by attending Erotic Intelligence for Dummies at the Gelo Piazza Hut. Much like the clitoris, the Gelo Piazza hut is a little pleasure centre on James street, tucked away behind the giant screen in the Northbridge Piazza. It was hardContinue reading “Fringe Binge: Erotic Intelligence for Dummies”