Fringe Binge: Night Sweats Review

Sitting in a warm, dark room with a bunch of strangers, I watched a man clad in black, weave stories of trauma and discomfort into melancholy tapestry. Welcome to Night Sweats, a show built around the internal monologue of an insomniac with a deep seated fear on inadequacy.

No Ifs, Just Butts: An interview with Miss Jane Doe of Baby Got Back

Every now and then I have the opportunity to experience art that serves the dual purpose of education and entertainment. Baby Got Back is one of these shows. After 2 sold out seasons, the girls are back with a vengeance and nothing is off limit!. In this very special interview I chat to Miss Jane Doe about feminism, art as protest and all things butts!

Fringe Binge: Lola’s showgirl smear campaign

​Once upon a time in 2011 when I still went by the stage name Iskra Valentine, the burlesque beauty with the Bollywood booty, I had the privilege of being invited to judge Miss Burlesque WA. It was then that I first laid my eyes on her:   Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl.Continue reading “Fringe Binge: Lola’s showgirl smear campaign”