Sticks and stones: Of words that broke my spirit

Its nearly noon on a Friday as I type this to you dear reader. I do so half hesitantly and part defiantly. And i do so fully aware of the mixed reaction this post will bring forth. At this point I really don’t care anymore. I have lived with the consequences of my silence forContinue reading “Sticks and stones: Of words that broke my spirit”

How to: Marilyn Set (basics)

Preparation Before you begin make sure you spray your hair with a decent heat protector as this style requires heat tools that would otherwise damage your hair. If you have really straight hair that doesnt hold curl well, spritz some setting spray or lotion in beforehand. Ensure your hair is clean and knot free. IContinue reading “How to: Marilyn Set (basics)”

The secret to the perfect fifties set

Anyone who is into the “pinup look” or the vintage lifestyle will attest to the huge role hair has to play. My mother has always said that a good haircut and great eyebrows can make anyone go from drab to fab in record time. Having experimented plenty with both during my youth i can assureContinue reading “The secret to the perfect fifties set”

Woman Crush Wednesday: Kenjai

“I used to see my race as a liability rather than an asset but then I realised that change had to start with me“. – Kenjai, Miss Illustrated Pinup Australia 2014 She is the National and State title holder for the Illustrated category of Miss Pin Up Australia 2014, an internationally published pinup and oneContinue reading “Woman Crush Wednesday: Kenjai”