Welcome to the jungle! Here you will find an array of exotic beasts and birds from the humblest Honey Bee (The Sugar Duchess) to the wildest of wolves (Penelope Pop). They have scales, they have tails, they have hooves and they have horns, and we, the lucky audience are taken on a journey through this menagerie by none other than Sir David Attenborough (played by a very beardy Sugar du Joure).

What sets this burlesque show apart from its contemporaries is the attention to detail paid to both costuming and choreography. Each act is as innovative and intoxicating as the last with an amazing array of costumes that are a testament to the performers’ imagination and dance skills. With finessed peels and unexpected reveals, the cast of Instinct remind us why Sugar Blue Burlesque is still at the top of the Burly food chain a decade on.

Image courtesy of Chayla Taylor Photography

Far from the usual lineup of sexy cats and bawdy birds we have come to expect at an animal themed burlesque show, Instinct introduces the audience to the rarer members of the burlesque species- perfomers who can take the weirdest critters of the animal kingdom (Angler Fish and Beetles anyone?) and transform them into an unusually erotic burlesque experience that will drive you wild!

An honourable mention to the ever so versatile Sugar du Joure whose ability to impersonate everyones favourite animal documentary host was the highlight of the evening. Overall, A wild ride!

Go watch Instinct before it goes extinct.

Instinct is playing at De Parel Spiegeltent from the 13th to the 17th of February. Tix available here

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