Review: Killer Bunny


Killer Bunny invites us into the life and home of Miss Bunny, a domestic goddess on the hunt for a Fringe fling.  Clad in a gorgeous pinup dress, pinafore and fluffy boudoir slippers with her blonde hair in the most glorious pomp I have seen in a while, Bunny takes the stage and starts the show by taking us through her dating repertoire. Normally, I tune out at the mere mention of other people’s love lives but how could one resist a story told through a Ukulele singalong? We learn of Bunny’s many boyfriends who one by one drop off the face of the earth under suspicious circumstances. At a risk of posting a spoiler all I can say is this: don’t let the cute giggle and adorable pinafore fool you folks, this pint sized dame is cooking up a whole lot more than pies in her kitchen and it smells like trouble with a capital T.

What I loved most about the show was how it paid tribute to the clever way women have and continue to subvert the ideals of femininity in order to dismantle oppressive systems that have kept them bound for centuries. Bunny’s character projects the wholesome mid century housewife as a motif for this feminine ideal and uses it to her advantage thus showing that even the most beautiful and delicate of English roses have thorns and can draw blood when needed. It is important to note that Bunny is actually one of the UK’s pioneer female ‘knife throwers, a performance art that was previously the domain of men and deemed “too dangerous” for women to attempt.

Just like the tastiest of meat pies are often composed of a whole manner of bits, scraps and pieces,  Killer Bunny is a mixed bag consisting of the meatiest parts of Fringe performance art. Expect singalongs, projections, games, cabaret, and a spicy finale that will leave you gasping for air. Bunny is the feminist Aunty we all need on our side in these trying times. A show not to be missed especially if you have eligible young bachelors in your friend circle to bring along for the ride.


Killer Bunny is playing at the Big Top at The Woodside Pleasure Gardens from the 29th of Jan to the 3rd of Feb. Tix are available here


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