Review: 80s Dance Party

Raid your momma’s wardrobe and bust out those leg warmers kids because 80’s Dance Party is the feel good show of the Fringe season! Held in the cosy and charming Ellington Jazz Club on Beaufort street, this fantastic little event showcases some of the best 80’s Pop hits performed by Perth musos Mia Matthieson and Lani Melrose. After a quick aerobic warm up led by lycra clad Matthieson and mullet sporting Melrose, the crowd stand shyly but eagerly by the sidelines waiting for further instructions. And these instructions come in the form of Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody” resulting in every person in the room, young and old, making a bolt for the dance floor thus setting the tone for the evening. The show covers a litany of 80s favourites from artists such as Madonna, George Michael, Michael Jackson and ToTo. The backing band does a phenomenal job at creating an authentic 80s sound while keeping the audience engaged and enthused. Keep your eyes on the guitarist, a purple velvet clad guitar wizard whose sweet solos will leave you awestruck.

Long story short, if you or someone you know have had a shit start to 2019, then THIS is the show you want to take them to.  80s Dance Party is one of those feel good Fringe treats that will leave you singing at the top of your lungs, dancing till your legs feel numb and grinning from ear to ear as you make your way home. Not to be missed!

80s Dance Party has its last show TONIGHT (Monday, 27th January 2019) at 10.15pm at The Ellington. You can buy tix here

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