“This is my Rad Brown Mom, Vidyawatee (aka Vidya/Vedo). Mom is originally from D’Edward Village in Berbice, Guyana. She immigrated to New York City with her family in 1981, she was 17. Mom says her favorite food is Guyanese sapodillas, which is a sweet fruit.

Vidyawatee 3.png

Mom met my dad in Brooklyn that’s where their Bollywood love story started.


I think my mom’s pretty rad not only because she is 6 feet tall but because she’s an amazing cook, opinionated, has a ginormous heart, smart and knows how to run things. My mom has always worked hard for her entire family and us, ensuring my younger sister and I were well cared for. I love her and she’s definitely one of my she-ros. ”

Submitted by Padmini

Laila’s note: I want to raid your mom’s wardrobe, that second outfit is RAD as hell ❤

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