Rad Brown Moms: A statement

As a Woman of Colour living in a predominantly white society, observing my mother go about life and face the odds stacked against her with passion and determination has been my soul fuel. Growing up with the whitewashed, vanilla Disney moms on TV, in magazines, in movies, I began to realise how little there was out there about women like my mother. Women with sharp wit and energy; ballsy and creative women; women from immigrant families, women from colonised groups; Indigenous women. Where were they in the media? Fast forward to modern day and while there is a greater presence of Moms of Colour in the media, they often get coated in venom or cloaked in invisibility.

This is an ode, a shrine, an offering to every Woman of Colour who has selflessly nourished the minds, bodies, and souls of others. You may never receive the accolades and thanks you truly deserve in this selfish world. But in this space, you are appreciated, you are loved and we salute you. Dedicated to all you Moms of Colour. – thanks for being rad.

Originally published on my tumblr Rad Brown Moms

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