Fringe Binge: Above the Mealy-Mouthed Sea

When I first entered the small dark space, I did not know what to expect. Strange, jagged pieces of cardboard hung lifelessly from the ceiling as light glimmered and skipped off a metallic patch on the floor. As we began to take our seats, a sudden feeling of claustrophobia settled over me. The mic set up in the space bore the trademarks of a stand up comedy set yet something sinister lurked just below the surface.

As the lights went down, my suspicions were confirmed as a voiceover announced that Miss Jemima Foxtrot, a comedian was to take the stage. She was petite, almost childlike in stature with a cloud of blonde frizzy hair and a wide grin. In a thick, briny English accent she began to tell a joke. And thats when things got dark.

I cannot tell you much about the joke, except that we did not get to the punchline for the next 40 minutes. And when we did get to it, it was the funniest joke I had heard in a long time.

Above the Mealy Mouthed Sea is a beautifully lyrical, delicately executed piece of theatre that explores themes of trauma, the holes it leaves in our being and how to keep ourselves afloat amidst the turbulence of adulthood. The creator of the show seamlessly shifts between decades, and continents with the kick of a switch, unfurling tightly bound memories and hanging them up to dry.

Fusing poetry with song and physical theatre, Above the Mealy Mouthed Sea is an original, hardhitting and powerful piece of theatre- A difficult watch for all the right reasons.

Above the Mealy Mouthed Sea is playing at The Blue Room Theatre till the 3rd of February as part of Summer Nights. Tix available here

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