Fringe Binge: Rhapsody in Red

I am a fan of old Americana, particularly the fashion and music of the late 50s and early 60s. Big hair, cute dresses and big voices- what’s not to love? And if you, like myself, are a fan of all of the above you are going to have a ball at Rhapsody in Red!

The show follows the escapades of three high school gal pals, Peggy- Sue, Mary-Jane and Just Betty, who are all single and very ready to mingle. Guided by the cringeworthy advice of a misandrist voiceover, our plucky heroines navigate love’s winding pathway towards (what they hope will be) the blissful state of matrimony. What follows is a saga of romance, heartbreak, revenge, and subterfuge all set to toe tapping, shoo wopping classics from the golden age of girl bands. The score includes favourites like Mr Postman, Leader of the Pack, Its my Party and Lipstick on your Collar to name a few, with each song advancing the plotline in a slightly sinister yet oh so comedic direction.

With looks to kill, choreography to thrill, amazing voice projection (and a couple of sweet projectiles) this show is the recipe for a perfect girls night out. Bring your mom! Bring your grandma! Round up all your gal pals and tell them to wear their dancing shoes because by the end of the night I can guarantee even the shyest wall flower would have found her inner diva. Honestly, I haven’t experienced this much fun and girl power since the first Spice Girls tour.

Arm your self with lozenges for the day after because Rhapsody in Red will have you singing at the top of your lungs the whole way through! A rolicking good time.

A Rhapsody in Red is playing upstairs at Connections on the 29th, 30th and 31st of January. Tix can be purchased here

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