My Top 5 Gift Wrap Ideas

 I love wrapping presents! True story. I could happily spend all day trawling through my boxes of gift wrap, paints and various craft supplies trying to divine the perfect gift wrapping elements for each gift. That being said, I completely understand that I am incredibly lucky to have a lot of time on my hands around the holiday season which is why I spent some time handpicking my favourite pinterest gift wrapping ideas to share with y’all. 

Before we get started I would like to share a time saving hot tip that made gift wrapping a cinch this year. I bought this year’s wrapping paper, cards and ribbon on boxing day last year during the boxing day sales. Thats right…i’m THAT girl. I have a thing for luxe wrapping paper and cute cards and being organised is the only think that keeps me from spending way too much money! So my hot tip for a hassle free christmas is buy discounted stuff and squirrel it away for next christmas. It will save you time and money! Now on with the cute ideas!

Who said Christmas presents have to be plain? Pom poms can add a touch of whimsy to any gift. Theyre incredibly easy to make (all you need is a ball of wool from your failed knitting project, some scissors & a piece of cardboard, the rest is all on Youtube). If its too late to DIY hit up the craft section at Target, Kmart or Red Dot and pick up premade pompom packets. Adhere them to your pressie with double sided tape or hot glue. Voila! The pipecleaner flamingo is my fave!

 A lick of white paint  can transform left over wrapping paper into an artisan’s dream. Whether you cut up an old dish sponge and dip it in paint to create a sofr sponge affect, use some christmas cookie cuttera dipped in green paint as a stamp on brown paper or bust out a chalk pen to draw on designs, you can customise your gift wrap and give it that special touch you simply cannot buy at a shop. My favourite is the white splattered black paper on the top right because its so simple! All you have to do is dip an old toothbrush in paint and push the bristles back with your thumb while facing the toothbrush at the paper. You can use purples, whites and blues on black to create galaxy paper or cute pastel colours on white to create sprinkles. 

Whoever said its not easy being green did not attempt this giftwrapping. Plain butchers paper (the kind you buy from ikea or the craft store), some string and sprigs of evergreen from your garden is all you need! We are incredibly fortunate in Australia to have christmas in Summer. Kangaroo paw, rosemary, gumnuts…its all good! Spray it all with the ol toothbrush paint mentioned above and you’ll be just pine (tree joke…i had to).

Minimalist wrapping is harder to master for a clutterbug like me but I simply could not leave it out for my more minimalist followers. This is probably how I would present a gift to my friend Mustafa of Studio Damascus who is a through and through Scandi living minimalist. My favourite one is the little gift with the marker pen bow. Chic and timesaving at the same time.


I am assuming that if you have followed through so far, you have managed to create a christmas gift so great EVERYONE who passes your Christmas tree will want to claim it for their own. This is why gift tags are a handy little creation. Whether you decide to put aside a couple of sugar cookies from that batch for your colleagues (remember to use a drinking staw to punch the hole BEFORE you bake them), washi tape banners or just plain cardboard tags, gift tags are that final touch that really personalise the gift. Jamie and I created a special Christmas tag tradition  because we shop so far in advance, we often forget which gift is which once they are wrapped! In our gift tag we drop a little clue of what could possibly be under the wrapping. On Christmas day when we unwrap our presents we try to guess whats in the box before we open it! For example, last year I bought him 2 Supernatural Pop Vinyls. The tag simply read, “Carry on my wayward Elf” which, to a supernatural fan, makes absolute sense. Plus its fun coming up with clues!

I hope these little hints and tips make present wrapping a bit more fun and exciting for you leading up to christmas. I like to make a big deal out of my wrapping time by lighting a nice candle  (this Peter Alexander one is my favourite), playing some christmas music and eating something nice. You might have to do this in a rush with little kids trying to sticky tape the cat to the sofa or a very nosey family member trying to sneak a peek. I guess the most important thing is not to lose sight of what the whole exercise is about. Youre giving someone a present you picked out for them with money you could have spent on yourself because that person means something to you. As long as your present embodies this then it doesnt matter if you wrap your present in the crinkliest, most tatty wrapping paper on the world…it will be the most special thing under the tree because it was given with love!

And that, as they say, is a wrap!

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