Mad about Christmas

While there is a lot to love about Mad Men, from the gorgeous interiors to the amazing costuming and the equally gorgeous people that wear them, my favourite aspect of the show is the advertising within the series. My favourite episodes don’t necessarily progress the story arc. Rather, it revolves around the “aha” moments Don and Peggy have for their advertising clients. From the Playtex episode (Jackie versus Marilyn) to the Belle Jolie Lipstick episode, I absolutely LOVE how the show captures the artistic process around marketing a product. There was something quite genius and playful about the way the team came up with the concepts for products.

When given the opportunity to work with Cherry Pinup Shoes this year, I knew I wanted to create an advertising campaign for them similar to the ones the folks at Stirling, Draper, Cooper, Price created for their clients. I wanted something that captured the frivolity, cheekiness and cheesiness of midcentury advertising.

Here is how I imagined magazine advertising would look for the gorgeous Smitten D’orsay Pumps by Pinup Couture which you can purchase from the Cherry Pinup Shoes website!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Photography: Jamie Nicol

Words and concept: Laila Shalimar

Post/editing:  Laila Shalimar

Shoes graciously provided by Cherry Pinup Shoes


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