When Life gives you Lemons

Revival by Dangerfield “Bittersweet Dress”

The moment I laid eyes on this dress I smiled a little smile to myself. If there’s something I’ve been given a lot of this year, it would be lemons. The old adage goes “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I think this is because once a lemon tree has established itself, the generosity of its caretaker knows no bounds! Lemons! Lemons everywhere. In bags on your doorstep, in icecream buckets outside the florist. “Take me home!”read the signs. But what does one do with something so sour in taste and abundant in nature? Well, you accept the bag of lemons as an opportunity…a chance to make something  refreshing, uplifting and delicious. You make lemonade.

And so I bought the dress. My partner would say I have as many Dangerfield dresses as our neighbour has lemons in their tree. And in some small way I saw the dress as a lemon, in that it presented me with an opportunity. That night i paid extra attention to my hair when I put rollers in, I allowed myself an extra hour of sleep this morning and had one less coffee with breakfast. I saw my lemon dress hanging in the closet ripe for the plucking and thought to myself “Today is as good as any to make lemonade”.

So off we went to Hyde park to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine and each others company. There were children with frisbees and bicycles, dogs being walked by their owners and couples picnicking by the lake. The world felt momentarily safer and beautiful. And i was able to smile properly after months of gloom and doom.

Proof of all that smiling. I think I was laughing at Jamie who kept calling me a “Hobnob” because I kept taking a tumble!

I suppose this is where I tell you a little bit about the dress itself, dear reader. The Bittersweet dress  (AUD$88.00) by Dangerfield is part of the Revival sublabel which emulates the shapes of the mid to late 50s and often focuses on the Dior new look shape. With this dress, the company has adopted sweetheart neckline (a first in my purchases from them). The bodice is nicely fitted though as a busty gal, i sized up to a 14 from a 12. Despite being loose in the waist, my 40 inch bust was happy for the extra room the 14 allowed me.

There is a nice flare to the sleeves which is fantastic for people with a bit more muscle or chub in the upper arms as you can move easily without fear of straining the seams.

I paired my dress with a cardigan from last season in a complimenting colourway. This was quite deliberate as I wanted to show you what I loved best about the brand. Dangerfield produce items that complement each other marvellously across collections which means each piece can be matched to a past or future collection. This, in my opinion, is perfect for a budding pinupgirl who seeks to buy staple and investment pieces!

An example of how versatile Dangerfield Revival pieces are. The same cardigan with a SS18 dress versus the cardi with its cohort, Frog Prince dress from SS17

The beautiful make of the garments mean that the pieces withstand everyday wear and tear and can be worn over the years in many different combinations. If you were wondering what to pair this number with from the new collection, I would recommend either colourways of the Going Nutty Cardis ($88)

The dress, made of 100 per cent cotton, falls beautifully with and without petticoats. I am wearing a chicstar yellow petti under mine while the model in the first photo up top isnt wearing one at all. Lengthwise, the dress falls just below my knees (I am 5 ft 3) as shown in  the image below.

The Dolcie Heel in Latté by Princess Highway for Dangerfield 

I was elated when Dangerfield started producing more vintage shoe designs to compliment their dresses. Living in the land downunder means shipping and exchange renders purchasing from shoe brands such as Remix and B.A.I.T too pricey for this humble student’s budget. While I absolutely adore the design of the Dolcie heels (pictured above) they took quite a while to break in (blisters! Ouch!). I would suggest anyone with a wider foot or in half sizes to go up a size for comfort. I am normally a 38 in ladies shoes but feel that a 39 would suit me better for daily wear.

Overall, today’s adventure reminded me of the importance self care. Sometimes its hard to be happy when terrible things happen so regularly around us. As a generation I feel we take on a lot more than we get credit for and seldom reward ourselves with contentment. Women of colour especially toe a fine line between being petrified by fear (living in a hostile world) and feeling too guilty to enjoy the smaller pleasures in life when the world at large is having a rough time. I want to re iterate that to me, self care is important in all its forms and taking time to indulge in dressups, in doing your hair, walking in the park or smiling for a camera can provide relief and release until you can get back in the ring.

I have a lot of lemons in my basket. But I am still here… Slowly making Lemonade.

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