Monday Mantra: Fear of Failure

Those who succeed don’t stop at their first failure, their tenth failure, or their fifteenth failure. They just take a step back, they look over the hurdles to the horizon- to the end game. They take a step back, reassess the pathway, readjust the sails and try to find another way. Failure is a chance to revise your strategy.


I am not saying it is easy.

I am saying the converse is true


Because with each failure comes a blow to the ego. With each failure comes the little voice in your head that asks you why you think you’re good enough. But remember…


While you are on your knees in the dirt, while you are curled up in a ball in bed, while you are crying in the shower- take a moment to think back to when you were a child and the number of attempts it took for you to succeed at things that come as second nature to you now. Decide a better meaning for your failure. Because in life, there are no failures. Only lessons to learn, habits to unlearn, paths to reassess.

Think about the many ways you have grown as a person because of your failures. You can ride a bike, because younger you kept going despite falling over again and again and again.Revisit that pure part of yourself. Before the ego, before the crippling expectations  of “first go success” took over your mind. Be willing to accept failure as part and parcel of your success. Failure is NOT the opposite of success. It is part of success.

Decide a better meaning for your failure and remember that failure is NOT the end of your story. It is the beginning of your comeback story.

Now go. Be great. And don’t let something like failure stop you from chasing your dreams


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