Pinup on a Budget: H&M Perth Edition

Riding on the wave of success with their Joondalup store, Swedish retailer H&M have added a second store in the heart of the Perth retail district. Over the course of summer, the old Perth GPO was transformed into a retail wonderland for lovers of fast fashion.

“Why should I care?” I hear you say “As a pinup what does H&M have to do with me?” Well dear reader, here is where you’re in for a treat!

Often times, modern fashion outlets produce items that, with a little styling, can put the VaVa Voom back into your pinup wardrobe. As a pinup on a shoestring budget, I rely HEAVILY on accessories to get the most out of my staple pieces.  My best friend Emma surprised me recently with a gorgeous bamboo purse from H&M recently and at first I thought it was from a pinup label but was shocked to learn it was from her work. This is why I was more than a little excited to head in there today and see what I could find to add a little pinch of happy to my life.

My first stop was the accessories section on the ground floor. Here I found a wall of hairbands and hair flowers starting at 7 dollars. These ones were particularly pretty as not many fast fashion labels produce decent tropical hair flowers. Now, I much prefer spending this kind of money on a small business label like DaisyJean Floral because I KNOW they are handmade with love by a kickass lady. However, it is good to know that in a fashion emergency where I may not be able to get hair flowers shipped overnight or in time, there is somewhere I can go to find something pretty and not just tacky looking roses on a hairclip.

I love that H&M didn’t end up gutting the GPO to make way for their ultra modern store. I accredit this to the European mentality where new happily coexists with the old. For example, check out this old stairwell behind my cup. It was fenced off with glass, a move with purpose (preservation) but also with intent (to add to the style and celebrate the history of the building). How MERMAZING is that!!!

Speaking of mermazing, i bought this cute sunglasses pouch for 7.95 with the intent to organise my handbag. Its the perfect size to hold one of my ultravixen cosmetics lip creams, a mascara, some mints, bobby pins, a small spool of thread and a needle, a single strip of bluetack (to pick off lint and cat fluff off an outfit), 2 tampons and of course a tiny sample spray of my favourite perfume. Pop all of these in your case and voila you have a Mermergency Kit!

Speaking of perfumes, this adorable little diffuser was next on my list. I love that it is white in colour because i intend to paint it a soft teal or baby pink to match my boudoir set. I might even put masking tape around the middle to leave some white which i will handpaint later on gold to add a bit more of a luxe feel. There may even be some diamonte’s involved. The world is your oyster for under 20 bucks!!!

Also LOOK AT THIS! I found this in the kids section and it reminded me of the sunjelly bags. They come in black, white, teal (this one) and peach. If you clip on some hair flowers to the front lattice frame you can match it to your outfit!

Lastly, i could not resist this beautiful antique looking ring that came in a set of 3 stones for only $12.95. I think this was my favourite purchase from today and a symbolic one too…

H&M…this pinup LOVES you and wants a long term relationship. Call me?

One thought on “Pinup on a Budget: H&M Perth Edition

  1. Great post, I love finding affordable & adorable pinup accessories! I’ll have to check out my local H&M, and hope that they carry some of the same things here in the United States. (:


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