Review: Sweet Grenadine Brooches 

I LOVE brooches. Whether they are vintage or modern, nothing ties an outfit together the way a brooch does. In fact, one of my first pieces of vintage jewellery was a brooch made of Carnival glass that I found at an op shop. I loved how it gave my kmart budget pinup look a much needed vintage flair. Since then I have gone to collect brooches in all their forms, from charity store finds to local Perth businesses like Deluxe Creations to bigname repro kitsch brands like Erstwilder.

While trawling instagram at 2 am (as you do) I came across a cute little account by the name of Sweet Grenadine. Based in the land of croissants and art galleries, Sweet Grenadine’s shop featured designs inspired by cult movies, art and literature. I instantly fell in love with the pared down, simple designs that so adequately summed up complex characters.

I ordered 2 brooches, on 26th of January 2017. The first featured Audrey Horne (complete with mini cigarette) from Lynch’s cult classic Twin Peaks. The second was a reference to Sylvia Plath’s book “The Bell Jar”. After converting from Euros, each brooch cost me about  AUD$10.11 and shipping was AUD $9.67. All up I paid $29.89  including shipping which, now that I think about it, is cheaper than what i normally pay for a single Erstwilder brooch.

My order was invoiced on the 31st of January and was on my doorstep on the 20th of February  (so about 3 weeks which is pretty reasonable for standard International posting).

The brooches are a gorgeous lightweight plastic with standard brooch pin backing. The adhesion of the pin to the brooch may not be to some collector’s standards but I am not fussy about the glue edging on the back as hardly anyone will ever see it! The colours and designs are true to online photos. While the brooches may seem deceptively small on etsy, they both measure at about 4.5cm high by 3.5 cm wide.

To me the presentation of online purchases plays a huge part in the online shopping experience and correctly so. When you go shopping in a physical store your senses are engaged by their merchandising but what makes or breaks a shopping experience is customer service and post purchase presentation. If you expect me to return to your store when you hastily throw items into a ratty shopping bag without so much as a “thanks, have a nice day” you have another thing coming! Online shopping is no different. I have received goods in the past that have cost far more than i  wanted to spend and the disappointment only continued when they arrived on my doorstep in flimsy packaging with just an invoice tucked in and often times not even that!

Sweet Grenadine’s packaging however, was ADORABLE! Each brooch came in a tiny paper bag covered in love hearts. There was a little plastic bag full of handmade loveheart confetti and a little thankyou note on the back of a business card. I felt warm, fuzzy and very loved opening my parcel.

I will definitely be ordering more stuff from this seller (I am eyeing that Frida Kahlo design) however, next time I might ask to pay for expediated shipping!
TL; DR here is my scorecard for Sweet Grenadine.

You can find Sweet Grenadine on instagram or etsy. Go show her some love.

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