Babes in Business: Sam from Deluxe Creations.

Me, ridiculously happy with my custom made earrings and Deluxe Cactus brooch

I first started purchasing my accessories from Deluxe Creations in mid 2015. There was just something about the kitschy cute designs and midcentury feel to the materials that captured my heart. The fact that they were handmade by a Perth local was an extra bonus.
The gradual economic downturn in Western Australia since 2013 has had a trickle down effect. The end of the mining boom in W.A has meant that retail has died down which in turn has resulted in lesser hours and job opportunities for retail workers. Micro businesses like Deluxe Creations provide affordable and unique products to those of us who may no longer be able to afford big brands in today’s economic climate. It also provides an extra source of income to micro business owners who often turn their crafty hobbies into a second source of income.
*takes a deep breath*

Economics lesson aside, I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon cruisin Guildford with the mastermind behind Deluxe Creations, all round badass and girlboss Sam Treloar. And if there was any doubt about her badassery, get a load of her sweet ride

The only thing more gorgeous than the Buick pictured is the talented lady behind the wheel..

So here it is…an interview with one of Perth (and possibly Australia’s) most iconic accessory creators whose clientele includes Pinups like Shelley Minson and Miss Rockabilly Ruby. Grab your pens and notepads Business Babes because this is one enlightening interview!

Miss Rockabilly Ruby showing off her Deluxe Creations collection

How did Deluxe creations come to be?

Deluxe was created to home a few of my creative interests, first being vintage inspired wares. I found it hard to find jewellery styles i liked myself and after purchasing from a few international makers and upon arrival feeling less than satisfactory by the quality, i decided to start creating for myself. After many Compliments on my own pieces i decided to start creating and sharing with the world, and so Deluxe was born.

What is the hardest part of starting up your own accessory business?

Starting up the business wasn’t too hard, the drive & fire has been there from the start which has helped me through the tougher days.  Having to make alot of sacrifices financially and socially has been interesting, but i can see that my hard work will be worth it one day as i have big plans for Deluxe.

Whats been your greatest struggle so far?

Juggling a demanding full time job is a huge hurdle, and not many people are aware that i actually sustained two major hand injuries which resulted in multiple surgeries across the last 10 months, but it hasn’t stopped me. It limited my capabilities for awhile, but I pushed on through. That’s been my biggest challenge of all and made me realise how much my business means to me.

What is one of the most important pieces of advice you can give someone who wants to run a successful small business?

Communication is super important. People like to feel important and know what is happening with there order. I certainly endeavor to keep my information up to date in relation to postage times etc. and i am always approachable to answer any questions. I also love to make all my parcels arrive like you have received a gift. In such dark times in the world, simple acts of kindness go a long way. I like to package them how i would love to receive a parcel, make you smile and  brighten your day!

What can we expect from Deluxe Creations in 2016?

You can always expect unique, quirky and one of a kind designs from Deluxe. Plenty of exciting things to come, including an expansion in the future 😊

Pinup Shelley Minson in her Deluxe Creations earrings.

Follow Deluxe Creations on instagram to keep up with her in the New Year. From what i have been told, we are in for a real treat in 2017.

You can purchase Deluxe Creations on etsy but hurry as her shop will go into holiday mode next week for a few days and posting will resume from Tuesday  3rd January 2017!
Use code XMAS10 to get 10% off. (Code expires Fri 23rd Dec)

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