Pinup on a Budget Challenge: Makeup

When I was working as a makeup artist at Napoleon Perdis at Myer, I was fortunate enough to receive amazing discounts and samples of luxury products. It meant that i was always trying out brand new things, experimenting with cult items and being taught tricks of the trade by the talented men and women around me on the beauty floor. It was also during this time that I learnt that not all gorgeous things  had to come with a frightening price tag and that technique, experimentation and open mindedness were just as valuable as the latest beauty must have.

I am currently a fulltime student with two part time jobs, one of which is freelancing as a makeup artist. While I am lucky enough to be able to splurge on the occasional palette from big name brands, I am aware that not everyone has this luxury.

If you know me from my instagram, then you know how important accessibilty is to me within the vintage and pinup subculture. Last night one of my followers reminded me of how unfeasible pinup can be for those with limited finances. This is why I have decided to do a several part series called Pinup on a Budget.

For this weeks challenge I have decided to shop for a core collection on a budget of $50. A core collection contains all the staples for a full face of makeup. This is what I would consider the bread and butter of a pinup makeup look:

1) Flawless base

2) Winged liner

3) Red lip

4) Red nails

5) Rosy cheeks

Bearing my budget in mind and heading towards my nearest Target, here is what I ended up with in my cart
*** All products were bought from Target Australia (Rockingham) on Wednesday Dec 14, 2016. Both Essence and Nyx are against animal testing.

1. Essence, the gel nailpolish in #114 ever young, $3.25. (Color is worn by me in pic)

2. NYX, Jumbo eye pencil in #611 yoghurt, $6.15 (on SALE)

3. Essence, Eyebrow designer with brush in 01 Black, $3.05

4. Essence, 2 in 1 eyeliner pen in Black $5.37

5. Essence, Matt Matt Matt longlasting lipgloss in Ready, Set, Impress $ 4.70

6. Essence, Lash Princess false lash effect mascara in black, $6.75

7. Essence, Shape Your Face contouring palette #10 Ready, Set, Peach. $8.20

8. NYX, BB beauty balm in #3 Golden/Doré, $11.37 (On Sale)


What does that look like on your face though?

Not too shabby huh! There were some products that were on sale because Target was running a special, namely the BB cream and Jumbo pencil from NYX.

Important tricks for a #pinuponabudget

1) Pick the pricey things during sale time. I was going to forego foundation for this round because even the most reasonably made chemist brand can take a sizeable bite out of your budget. However, one of ny favourite BB creams was on sale today with a whopping 40 per cent off so i decided to buy one. If you can afford it, maybe even buy 2 because major discount sales (40 percent and more) at places like Priceline and Target tend to be no more than  bi annual to quarterly. I picked the Nyx BB cream because I am a fan of less is more with my bases and I like the coverage and hydration with this one. It is also great for yellow and olive toned beauties as it has next to no pink tones.

2) Pick things that can be used for multiple purposes. My friend Emma is the queen of using products to multitask. Her favourite is the ol ashbrown eyebrow pencil as nude liner trick! Don’t be fooled into thinking a product is only as good as its purpose on packaging. To get the most out of a product takes time, patience and innovation! I used the Essence Contour palette not only for its original purpose i.e to contour my face, but I also used it to contour and prep my lids, and as an eyeshadow palette in conjunction with the Nyx jumbo crayon in yoghurt which brings me to…

3) Get Experimental! There are no hard and fast rules in makeup. Use your intuition and get to know your skin and face structure. For example i found 3 different ways to use the Nyx Jumbo eye pencil! I used it along my waterline to help my eyes pop. Because my skin is quite gold in undertone, wearing a plain white on my waterline looks very stark. Champagne is definitely a softer and wearable look. I then used it as a nice eyeshadow base because I know that creamy formulas dont work on their own on my lids. I have deep creases which means a lot of friction and less staying power so i topped up the crayon with the highlight powder from our contour palette! I then used a little bit of the Nyx Jumbo pencil as a highlight by dabbing it on the highest parts of my cheekbones! Speaking of cheeks, remember that soft orange our palette? I used it as a crease colour on my eyes to tie it in with my cheeks!

Not a fan of the orange? No problem! This palette comes in another make with a pink blush instead for all the porcelain skin gals. I just picked the orange because I love how gold tones and orange tones look on my skin.

4) Co ordinate! Rumor has it that the founder of Revlon started selling matching sets of nailpolish and lipstick because he went out to dinner one night with some friends and sat across a woman with polish that was so mismatched from her lipstick that it annoyed him all night! Now, while i feel that this man’s pedancy was unforgiveable (wear whatever the fuck you want ladies), I will admit that i love a good mani and lipstick combo. Its a cute little nod to the trends of the 40s and 50s and for some bizarre reason i feel ten times more put together with matching fingers and toes. If you want vintage authenticity to your outfit, this is a pretty quick and painfree way to add it! 

5) Don’t be ashamed of using Dupes.Ever. The way I see it, there are far too many instafamous beauty gurus who are getting kickbacks from major makeup labels to peddle their makeup. Too many times we as observers get caught up in the hype and buy stuff that we can barely afford. Be smart with your makeup purchases. Its ok to buy the odd luxury item (for me that would be the Two faced Chocolate bar palette) but shelling out $$$ for lipsticks and highlighters without trying your pharmacy brands and indie makeup labels first is a sure fire way to send you broke. I am obsessed with Madame Curl Curl mascara by Napoleon perdis and I was regularly buying it on discount as a staff member but spending $40 on a mascara as a student seemed a bit much for me. A close friend of mine put me on to this essence mascara and i kid you not…it has the EXACT same effect on my lashes (curl and volume are important to straight lashed lil ol me). Relish the opportunity to find good dupes, view it as a challenge or a treasure hunt. If yiu feel you are a bit green at this, I would highly recommend Dupethat on instagram. They tend to be pretty spot on with their dupes and their reviews are a real eyeopener even for seasoned makeup afficionados.

I hope that this post has helped in some small way to get you started on your pinup journey. No one should ever feel left out of a style they feel speaks to them. As for the makeup snobs within the community? Raise your $3.05 perfectly groomed brow, stick your $3.25 freshly polished middle finger in the air and tell them to stick it! Its time we stop with this pinup pissing contest and work within our means like our foremothers did before us.

If you have any questions, suggestions or queries for the #pinuponabudget series I am all ears! Don’t forget to share your tips and looks using the hashtag!

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