Woman Crush Wednesday: Miss Veronica Lily


“When you take time to love yourself, you don’t need to rely on other people to fill your soul” – Miss Veronica Lily

I have the good fortune of competing alongside Miss Veronica Lily in the Miss Illustrated Category of this year’s Miss Pinup Australia Contest. She is a vivacious and bubbly individual whose zest for life and carefree personality has provided many, self included, with comfort and solace.

Miss Veronica Lily has recently and very successfully ventured into the world of Pinup modelling and is Miss Westcoast Lowdown 2015 and the January winner of Miss Lady Lace’s Pinup Parade.

Today we discuss her pinup journey, her take on life and how to succeed at pageants.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who is Miss Veronica Lily?

Miss Veronica Lily is a Pinup who represents living life to the fullest, having fun, and going with the flow when things go wrong. I created this Pinup Persona of myself as a way of projecting my positive outlook on life to the people around me in hope to inspire them. I have not always been a happy person, and stuggled with my own issues along the way. Finding Pinup has allowed me to blossom into the person I was deep down and thrive in my resulting happiness.

What inspired you to get into the world of Pinup Modelling? Where do you hope your adventures will lead you?

I feel like the world of pinup chose me to be honest. My love of immaculate hairstyles and dynamic styling always directed me into giving off a Pinup vibe, and with more and more exposure to the subculture I found the perfect fit.

I am constantly growing as a model, and as a person and simply wish to keep doing what makes me happy. If I can inspire other people to thrive in life then I will be extra happy.


What is your philosophy on life and living?

Having faith in the world and humanity has really helped put my life on a better path. Knowing that the universe works things out as it needs to takes away most of my worries. My philosophy on life is to get out and live! Dont wait for the time to come, If you have the spark inside of you you need to feed it to let it grow. I do the things I love as much as I can, and I cut out all the things that don’t serve me. Thoughts, habits, people. You’ve got one life, don’t waste it fully of worry and fear. What you focus on you become. So put your energy in to the right things.

What is the recipe to good relationships with other people?

Communication is certainly at the top of the list for me, but not that simply. Being prosocial means doing voluntary behaviour intended to benefit another. So it is about going with positive intention into social situations, making the effort and as a result having more fulfilling relationships.


What was your moment of clarity? What can other women learn from it?

My moment of clarity came about 4 years ago. I was at a time in my life where I wasn’t happy in my skin or with where my life was. My relationships suffered, but mainly my relationship with myself suffered. The moment of clarity came with the understanding that I need to put myself first sometimes. That I am infact worth taking time for. I learned that ‘Self’ should be celebrated. That is it ok to prioritise yourself sometimes.

What I want other women to understand is that when you take time to love yourself, you don’t need to rely on other people to fill your soul. The energy you can attain from self love is enough to guide you through lifes challenges.

You have won several titles in local pinup comps including Miss Lady Lace’s Pinup Parade and Miss Westcoast lowdown. What is your secret to being successful in a Pinup Comp?

Primarily I think It comes down to believing in myself. I practise positivity every day in the way I speak to myself, the thoughts I allow to enter my head, and the interactions I have with others. This is a solid foundation that gives me strength to participate. The other secret to success is determination!  I look at the task at hand and brainstorm the things I want to get out of in, and the mark I would like to make. Most of these competitions have a performance element  which sometimes can be a bit daunting. But practise makes perfect and so by getting in front of the mirror and giving it my all until I feel 100% confident seems to do the trick! I also believe in not taking life too seriously and having fun with it. I have let nerves get the better of me before and it was rather disappointing, now I just take a deep breath and rechannel my nervous energy into motivating energy.


You can find Miss Veronica Lily on Facebook
Instagram (@cheeryhousewife)

One thought on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Miss Veronica Lily

  1. What a Gal, lovely warm person with great energy so much fun and sparkle a true inspiration to pinups and models everywhere!


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