What’s On This Weekend: Permanence

You may remember my post earlier last week regarding a tattoo event called Permanence. You might have wondered to yourself what it was all about. My simple answer would be “nothing you have ever experienced in Perth before”!

Studio 2 and Naomi Craigs (a leading Perth photographer and all round babe) have joined forces to showcase 10 bodies of work from a range of talented and diverse tattoo artists around Perth and beyond. Some of the artists featured on the night include:

– KALUN MILES https://instagram.com/kalunmilestattoo
– SHANE WILCOX https://instagram.com/shanewilcox_tattoo/
– TIMMY HOWE https://instagram.com/timmyhowetattoo
– COURTNEY DUNNE https://instagram.com/courtneydunne_tattoo
– CARLIN DACHEFF https://instagram.com/dachtattoos
– EMMA JACKSON https://instagram.com/emma__le
– MITCH SYDORUK https://instagram.com/cobrasnak3
– AARON J https://instagram.com/pee_em_aye
– DEVON LEE https://instagram.com/devonlee_tattoo/
– TUKOI OYA https://instagram.com/tukoi_tattoo

Featrured Artist Emma Jackson
Featrured Artist Emma Jackson


The event will have the artists selling original artwork and prints as well as a bar featuring Little Creatures and Hippocampus (small batch vodka distillery)churning out $5 drinks all night. The night will also feature food by Lil Tortilla Boi and if that isn’t enough to peak your interest, you can get your hair cut on site by Uncle Joe’s pop-up barbershop.

Featured artist Shane Wilcox
Featured artist Shane Wilcox


I was lucky enough to catch up with co creatrix Naomi Craigs for a little one on one regarding this fantastic event. Here is how it all went down:

MM: What is “Permanence” all about and what inspired you to put this exhibition on?

Naomi: Funnily and surprisingly enough the initial idea for Permanence was not my idea. Dave and Analeigh, who own and run Studio 2 in Leederville, contacted me (we’ve known each other for a while) with a pitch to set up an arts event involving tattoo artists. They asked the right person because I immediately said yes! My boyfriend has also been included in the plans, so the 4 of us have built this event together. We all wanted to create a boutique styled art event in which there’s no tattooing involved, and people can appreciate the talent of tattoo artists in traditional form. As we all know, bigger events involving the tattoo industry have live tattooing going on, and we just wanted to focus on the artists artwork in a traditional form, allowing people to see it as just that- and the opportunity to engage in a like-minded atmosphere. Not everyone who loves tattoo art wants to be covered in tattoos (but why not cover their house in sweet artwork?!). 
MM: How receptive are Perthites to tattooing and tattoo culture?

N: Everyone that Studio 2 and I have told about this event is really excited for it. A tattoo artist said to me after explaining to him what we were doing that it was very ‘Melbourne’. Although Perth wants to be recognised as our own, I understood what he meant. It’s bringing attention to the ‘art’ side of the tattoo industry. A lot of people in the tattoo industry here in Perth are already asking to reserve a spot for the next one!

MM: How did the showcased artists get involved with this project?

N: I was actually in charge of sending out artist invites for the event. We worked on a very short time schedule for this event but we really had to narrow it down, as we had a few fighting for a spot. We involved apprentices as well as established artists, so people can also see where the Perth tattoo industry will hopefully lead in the future, and it gives apprentices a chance to get their work out there a little more.

MM: What can attendees expect at “Permanence”?

N: The first thing that got discussed about Permanence was that all of us hosting the event was that we wanted this to be fun and relaxed. Expect a lot of original artwork, chill tunes, a tasty bar sponsored by Perth breweries, and a few other fun things to see.
MM: What do you hope this exhibition will achieve for the art scene and
the artists involved?
N: The tattoo industry has blown up in Perth something chronic- so I think it’s only natural for there to be events and things going on surrounding that obsession. I want Permanence to be recognised for a fun, relaxed night out, supporting art, enjoying art, and enjoying the company of like-minded people. There’s not much that’s better than a fun time and good people creating cool shit.
Featured Artist Carlin Dacheff
Featured Artist Carlin Dacheff
Permanence is running THIS SATURDAY 29th of August at Studio 2 (2/622 Newcastle St, Leederville). Tix on door $10. You can find the event link here

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