Hair How To: The Sweet Heart.

Yesterday i decided to try my hand at coming up with my own setting pattern for my freshly trimmed hair. I am extremely inspired by the fashion and style of an instagrammer called @mrs_california_sweetheart. She is perhaps one of the most elegant and beautiful women i have ever laid my eyes on this side of social media. I particularly love the attention to detail in all her outfits and how her heritage shines through each one.



Having grown up in Australia, the world of vintage I was exposed to was predominantly white and anglo centric. Seeing ladies like this opened my eyes to the perfect blends of culture and vintage fashion.

Also…look at her hair!

So immaculately coiffed and well set. She was part of the inspiration behind my dramatic chop last year. However I was unable to fashion my cut into her adorable little style until a bit of trial and error last night. Here are the results…


I was over the moon with how this accidental wetset turned out and decided to set pen to paper to capture it so that i can reproduce the look again.

So without further adieu here is the setting pattern for a set i have named “The Sweet heart” in honour of the woman who inspired it. As mentioned before i pincurled a wet head of hair but you can use a setting spray if you dont want to sleep with damp hair.


As a side note, make sure you follow this lady on instagram. She specialises in high end low class fashio  accessories and clothing from the 1920s through to the 1960s for both men and women. I promise she will brighten up that feed of yours ten fold.


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