Hair How To: Part 1

Since going for the big chop around Christmas last year i have been obsessed with 50s pincurl sets.

Having a good middy cut definitely helps but there is only so much a well placed pincurl set can withstand without a good setting spray. In the true “make do” spirit of our grandmothers I have devised an excellent substitute for commercial setting lotion.


How to make your own setting spray.

You will need:
1 tsp glycerine
1 tsp gelatine
1/2 cup warm water
1 1/2 cup cold water
4 drops lavender oil for fragrance

Mix the glycerine and gelatine in the 1/2 cup warm water. Pour into a spray bottle and top up with cold water. Add the lavender oil for fragrance.

Before setting hair into pincurls liberally mist desired sections.

Here are some patterns to get you started. I am currently obsessed with the Golden Girl set shown below:


And if you need a hand with taming those strands into pincurls then the illustration below might help.


I hope this little post helped you overcome some of your hair woes. Until next time…



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