Taming the Tong: A crash course


Not all tongs were created the same. The circumference and thereby the girth of your barrel determines the shape and tightness of the curl you are going to create. This in turn will impact what your end result will be even before you have dressed the hair. Heres a quick guide to some of the more common tong sizes. I tend to keep around a 1.75″, a 1″ and a 3/4″ set for all my vintage hair  needs.

2″: Gentle, relaxed wave. Best for super long hair. Brush out results in a bend at the ends.

1.75″: Large, loose subtle shape. Long to medium length. Brush out for subtle shape, comb for a tousled look

1.5″: Large, voluminous curls. Med-long hair. Bouncy curls. Rake with fingers for loose body.

1.25″: Medium loose curls. All lengths. Good everyday look. Leave tight or brush out for wild frizz and volume

1″: Defined full curls. Short-Medium length. Must for retro waves and beachy look.

3/4″: Vintage curl, textured wave. Short-Medium. Great structure to spirals. Keep defined for updo or brush loose for texture

5/8″: Smooth, tight corkscrew curls. Short-Medium hair. Brush out with boar bristle to create volume and texture. Alternatively paddle brush for tight waves.

I hope that keeps you folks from being tong tied in future ♡

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