How to: Marilyn Set (basics)


Before you begin make sure you spray your hair with a decent heat protector as this style requires heat tools that would otherwise damage your hair.
If you have really straight hair that doesnt hold curl well, spritz some setting spray or lotion in beforehand.
Ensure your hair is clean and knot free. I would recommend doing this style on second day hair.

Step 1.
Part hair to the side. Go with the natural side  part of your hair if you have one. Mine tends to part on the right.

Step 2.
Choose a side to begin with. I tend to start at the side with the least hair. Divide the side into two further sections by parting directly above the ear and clip this section out of the way. You will return to this top layer later

Step 3 and 4.
Using some curling tongs, start curling the hair in an anti clockwise (away from the jawline) direction. Make sure the curls are nice and tight. I find using nice thin sections give the best ringlets.
This layer is basically going to act as a booster, giving the top layer something to rest on which is why plentiful, voluminous curls are essential.

Step 5.
Hairspray this layer with a good stronghold hair spray. Make sure you are thorough.

Step 6.
Unclip the top section of hair

Step 7 and 8.
Start curling the hair in a clockwise direction this time with curling tongs making sure you allow each curl to form and cool before moving onto the next. Finish off with some hairspray

Repeat steps 1-8 on the opposite side of the head remembering that the bottom layer is curled away from the jaw and the top layer is curled towards the jaw.

Style and finish

Because this is just a simple everyday version of this hairstyle, i tend to just run my hands through the curls to separate them and keep them from looking too Shirley Temple. Finish off with a light amount of hairspray followed by a little bit of a shine spray.

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